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HeartMath™ emWave2 by HeartMath LLC



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I don’t normally endorse products. However, in today’s fast paced world most of us are functioning in a constant state of low-grade stress arousal. Because of this I had been looking for a tool to help both myself and my clients maintain emotional and mental balance in the midst of our active lives.

Biofeedback machines are traditionally extremely expensive. When I found the HeartMath program I knew I had found the answer: affordable, easy to use and fun! Just load it on your computer; it’s like having a high-powered biofeedback machine in your own home.

I personally use (and coach my students on using) the EMWave Desktop version for a few minutes twice a day. It allows me to track my ability to remain responsive rather than reactive during almost any situation. I love seeing my improvement over time. Even though I’m a long-term meditation practitioner, HeartMath has helped me be less reactive, think more clearly under pressure, be more resilient, and more emotionally balanced.

iMindMap™ iMindMap Basic



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I love mapping. I’ve used it for every book I’ve written and every program I’ve designed. As a result, I’ve tried lots of different mind map programs. And for me,  iMindMap is the best tool I’ve found.

There are easy to use templates, ways to fast track your thought processes, and lots of icons (great for visual people like me)! You can flip back and forth between mapping and the outline version. And when you’re finished, you can turn the entire thing into a 3D presentation or a slide show.

I have it on my computer and my iPad and can save all of it in the cloud! You can test it free for a time so there’s nothing to lose. If you want to accelerate your learning and output time as well as expand your creativity, you might give iMindMap a try. I did and I love it!

Talk Fusion™



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As a global trainer, I find Talk Fusion to be a great way to reach many more virtually. The Video Conferencing and Live Broadcasting features are useful for holding classes as well as coaching sessions or board meetings.

Many of you have seen the videos on my pages, such as the One Minute Meditations. I have used Talk Fusion to make those videos as well as place them on my website. There is an easy upload interface or you can record it right on the site.

The Talk Fusion Video Email is another feature that we have used in our marketing. It is a great way to get your message across and easy to use. They have templates for everything or you can make your own.


Full Disclosure: I may or may not receive a small compensation for referrals to these programs. These are tools that I use in my personal & professional life that I find to be helpful and felt I should share them with you.

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