Thoughts Turn Into Things I & II

Thoughts Turn Into Things I & II

In this exciting two part e-seminar series, D. Trinidad Hunt presents some of the latest research on the power of the mind and human thought. With the support of her friend and long time student, Jocelyn Pratt, Trinidad shows how our lives are a mirror of our thinking. Together they show how anyone can transform their lives by transforming their thinking.

In part one of the series, Trinidad shows how we need only train our brains for greater success. She calls this ‘the core training for the brain’ and likens it to the core physical practice that fitness coaches are teaching. To expand your success you have develop a workout for your brain.

In the second portion of the program, Trinidad and Jocelyn discuss the automatic negative thoughts that sometimes run us. Trinidad delivers a simple yet fun psychological framework that she developed for turning these unconscious negatives into conscious positive thoughts and habits. In this portion of the program she teaches a foolproof self-coaching method that leads to greater satisfaction, happiness and success.

She closes both sections of the program with special visualizations for personal use. Included along with the series is an audio format of both of these visualizations that can be downloaded to your mp3 players for ongoing practice.

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