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Say YES to Life!

I was at the airport with Jocelyn Pratt yesterday – on our way to do a seminar on another island. We were in the middle of a ‘Starbucks moment’ when Jocelyn looked up and recognized the man at the table next to us. He was Hannibal Means a gifted opera singer and performer from ‘Americas Got Talent’ […]

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IQ, EQ, SQ Modelâ„¢

I want to respond to a recurrent question that has been asked of me. It came up again just recently and I realized that I needed to listen, review and respond! The question was this: “Do you really feel that the emotional and social qualities (EQ and SQ) are learn-able?” The recent question was couched […]

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Elan – Zest, Enthusiasm, Spirit!

So many people have asked me what the word ‘Elan‘ means. It’s a French word that was absorbed into the English dictionary because the there was no English counterpart. ELAN is ZEST, ENTHUSIASM, SPIRIT. Elan is at the heart of leadership! Elan is really the language of leadership! As a leader, keeping your spirit and […]

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