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Change the Game!

Have you ever wondered how we, as the human race, have gotten where we are? Have you ever hoped that the discord and disharmony would end? Have you ever wished for a better world for your children and your children’s children? If you have, you are no different from me. I would love to change […]

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Choosing Friends

My anti-bullying program is called Breaking Out of the World Game.  I believe that almost every person on the planet is caught in this incessant generational cycle of US against THEM and Me against YOU. I call this conflict the World Game. You see for generations and generations humans have had to fight.  We have […]

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Education is more than about the tools

Many education departments around the globe are rolling out or considering the roll out of some form of one-to-one computer program.  Some programs even have the students taking the laptop computer home. So with these programs in mind I read with interest this article on the NY Times website – Computers at Home: Educational Hope […]

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