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Change the Game!

Have you ever wondered how we, as the human race, have gotten where we are? Have you ever hoped that the discord and disharmony would end? Have you ever wished for a better world for your children and your children’s children? If you have, you are no different from me. I would love to change […]

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Developing the Olympiad Mind Set

I am on the road again. I just arrived in Melbourne and I’m filled with the crazed Olympic fever. Every chance I get I search out the nearest TV only to sit riveted to the screen watching our world’s finest athletes compete in stellar form. For as long as I can remember, the games have […]

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At Night – Close the Circle!

Now let’s close the circle in the evening. The day is done. You are ready to close it up maybe do a little reading or watch a bit of TV. So here you are back in front of the mirror, toothbrush in hand.  Have you ever added up the minutes in a life time that […]

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