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Achieved multiple commendations thanks to training

I am a counselor, teacher and therapist for the Department of Psychiatry at Tripler Army Medical Center. As a result of my training with Élan and Trinidad Hunt, and exposure to a dynamic focused curriculum, I have accomplished “Sailor of the Year, US Navy”, “Counselor of the Year, US Army”, and “Navy Achievement Medal”. I […]

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The results have been outstanding

We, at American Savings Bank, have used the training and support services of Élan Enterprises for over thirteen years. The results have been outstanding. Through Élan’s training programs our Executive committee and Managers have learned to empower their front-line teams, managed change in a creative and enterprising way, and deal with projects in a timely […]

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Developing the Olympiad Mind Set

I am on the road again. I just arrived in Melbourne and I’m filled with the crazed Olympic fever. Every chance I get I search out the nearest TV only to sit riveted to the screen watching our world’s finest athletes compete in stellar form. For as long as I can remember, the games have […]

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Core Training for the Brain

I was reading an article on Dwight D. Eisenhower this morning. The article said that Eisenhower’s remarkable optimism was not by birth or destiny, but rather by self-determined intent. It reminded me of an essential piece of core training for the brain. It’s a crucial piece that was handed down by Aristotle. And many leaders, […]

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Core training For The Brain

Neuroscientist tell us that there is more neural real-estate allocated to negativity than positivity. This means there is more brain mass and there are more connections in the brain dedicated to spotting danger. Obviously this was important when we were tribal wanderers. However, now we’re living in cities and the dangers are less catastrophic! At […]

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