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I Stand Corrected!

My Magical Team of Aussie Trainers have called me on SKYPE and corrected me. I have made all kinds of mistakes in my VBlog. I said John Faulkner was John Conners. Then I added insult to injury by mispronouncing Louise Mackay’s last name! I’m sorry team!! So without the pronunciation situation, here are the corrections: […]

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The Human Side of Enterprise

I just could not let this ‘Kodak moment’ pass me by. Nor could I miss an opportunity to share it with you. This team of trainers has achieved the transformation I spoke of in my last post on Creating a Culture of Caring. They are motivated, inspired and inspiring and they are totally supportive of their partner’s […]

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Train the Trainer

It’s been an active week for me here! The trainers at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union are sailing along. I licensed 4 of my programs to HSFCU and the trainers are doing just fine! However when Cherese (far left) went to take a screen shot of her wordle image for the week, she couldn’t figure […]

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Self-Reflection for the Week of September 6th

I thought I’d comment on my own self-reflection for last week… mostly because the comments I’m getting are in person. Then I thought it might be a good idea to run another similar idea for this weeks reflection. This is why… I was doing a Train the Trainer program for a team of professional trainers […]

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Expansion in a Time of Contraction

 Lynne and I had a wonderful meeting with Patricia Hao, the Director of HR and Jennifer Sims, the training manager at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union in Honolulu this morning. I have been doing consulting and training with HSFCU for 31/2 years now and we met to schedule the Train the Trainer program for 2009. […]

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