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Turning Intention into Action

In the summer of 2010, three principals from Melbourne, Australia approached me to ask for training in my anti-bullying program. They requested a train the trainer program saying that they wanted to deliver the curriculum to their students. After much discussion, a hundred e-mails back and forth with Lynne (my business partner), and a series of […]

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High Performance Results

W. Edward Deming was the creator of TQM (Total Quality Management).He was also responsible for raising Japan out of the dust after WWII. The Deming Quality Award is the second highest award in all of Japan – second only to the Emperor’s Award. I loved W. Edward Deming and had the opportunity to spend 4 days […]

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Technical Issues

You may have noticed a few strange things happening with my website last week.  I certainly did! Without going into great detail, the disaster recovery processes at Trinidad Hunt Publishing were absolutely 100% put to the test last week.  We had a bit of a melt down on one of the days, but the team […]

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Choosing Friends

My anti-bullying program is called Breaking Out of the World Game.  I believe that almost every person on the planet is caught in this incessant generational cycle of US against THEM and Me against YOU. I call this conflict the World Game. You see for generations and generations humans have had to fight.  We have […]

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What Do Your Students Want From You?

Hopefully in your personal life you have worked out what you want from your partner, family or friends.  I am sure you have worked out what you want from your manager or the school you work at.  Have you ever taken the time to ask your students what they want? I have a wonderful exercise […]

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The 3-6-9 Rule

For the last 30 years I have been saying that Relationship is Everything! Today there is a growing body of evidence that supports the notion that student engagement begins with relationships. Students need to feel connected to the adults in their school environment.  The more connected they feel the greater the positive impact this has on […]

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The Gang of Five Responds!

The Illustrious Gang of 5 found me… How cool is this hyper-connected and wonderful world that I can think out loud on a blog and straight away the beautiful Donna and Antonella send me an email. So here’s the scoop. These five ladies are from the St. Paul Apostle North School Endeavor Hills in Victoria […]

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The Farrington Team

A great big THANK YOU to Laurie Leuczak for her support during the day and to the entire team of 9th Grade Farrington Teachers.  From your sharing, it sounded as if you had a great kick off to the year utilizing the IQ, EQ, SQ activities from the 9th Grade manual and the Breaking Out […]

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Networking Activity

While I was teaching and speaking in Australia, many of you expressed an interest in a specific activity that I designed to enhance social networking in any group. I almost always use this activity because everyone enjoys it and it gives everyone a chance to expand their thinking on any given subject. I tend to […]

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