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Leadership Philosophy: It’s a Rap

Every participant in the Women in Leadership Program does their Philosophy of Leadership for their graduation Certificate. Vicky McGowan showed the graduating class her grid on leadership and shared that when she showed it to her 11 year old son he said, “Oh mom, that’s so boring!” Thanks to her 11 year old son’s challenge […]

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Let’s Stop Bullying!

My deepest apologies to all of you parents and teachers who were with me for those two wonderful evening events in Melbourne. That you all came out to discuss the issues we are addressing for your children and for the three schools involved was inspiring. Parents are often tired after a full day of work […]

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Teaching Stories

Most of us as educators are aware of the power of stories to teach life lessons. People have always handed down the traditions and teachings of their cultures through stories. I have found that the power of the heros’ tale transcends age and time. Students are transfixed when I share Lovell’s story or tell them how […]

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Every Child is Your Own

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 8 days with Barbara Watterston, the Deputy Executive Director at Centre for Strategic Education, at my home in Hawaii. And we were talking about teachers and education, specifically the child in your classroom. To cut to the chase, we spoke of keeping the perspective of treating every child […]

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Getting to Great!

Jim Collins in his now classic book From Good to Great said the hardest leap to make is the leap from good to great. Collins was talking about making the leap as an organization. Yet the same thing can be applied to leadership in schools and in the classroom. The longest mile seems to be […]

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The Art of the Great

“What makes a great teacher?” I don’t know if you have ever wondered about this, but this question that has plagued me for years. Over three decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of principals and vice principals, facilitated hundreds of teacher trainings and been in classrooms with thousands of students. I’ve also had an opportunity to […]

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What Do Your Students Want From You?

Hopefully in your personal life you have worked out what you want from your partner, family or friends.  I am sure you have worked out what you want from your manager or the school you work at.  Have you ever taken the time to ask your students what they want? I have a wonderful exercise […]

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August in Australia

I was reflecting about 5 days ago as I kicked back and relaxed on my flight from Canberra back to Melbourne. For 9 years Lynne and I have been coming to Australia, yet this tour has been one of the most amazing and exhilarating ever. Relationships are everything! It is what invigorates me and brings joy […]

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