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Make Your Day

People ask me, “How do you make sure you have a great day – every day?” I had to stop and think for a moment. “How do I make my day great every day?” And then I realized that I have a daily ritual. And it starts the moment I get out of bed. I begin my day […]

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Zig Ziglar and me!!

I called Zig Ziglar a beautiful man this evening and he informed me in no uncertain terms that only women are beautiful. And that he was a man!! What a joy to share with this legend. I had the opportunity to speak on the stage with his wonderful daughter Julie who edited 16 of his […]

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Significance Update

Please understand the plight of the writer! Sometimes I’m working on an idea or thought and I put it out before it ‘falls into place’ exactly as intended. So it was with this quote. I got up this morning and suddenly it spilled forth with the final quote that I had been wrestling to release […]

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How Do You Define Success?

The dictionary says that success is defined as “the attainment of popularity or profit,” or “a person that achieves desired aims or prosperity.” That may be the world’s definition of success, but I define success as a measurement of the heart that only the heart can know. In other words even if the world says […]

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Teaching Students to Control Their Emotions

My recent post about Modelling Emotional Behavior seems like a great time to think about teaching this skill in your classroom. As a professional teacher you will have to make this activity age relevant and scaffold the learning for your room. However, if you are willing to work with your students on emotional literacy you […]

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A Book Worth Your Time

Over the past few years I have been presenting a 3-Day Women in Leadership workshop for the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE).  During the years of delivering the program I have come to meet some amazing female school leaders.  Each group of women that I have worked with has reminded me of the great resource […]

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