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Another Tragedy With Our Children

One  more time a tragedy has hit our nations schools. The shooting of 5 students by A young boy who had been bullied makes every mother’s heart break for the loss. This is a tragedy of major proportions…for the children who were shot, for the child who will not see the light of another day […]

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Let’s Stop Bullying!

My deepest apologies to all of you parents and teachers who were with me for those two wonderful evening events in Melbourne. That you all came out to discuss the issues we are addressing for your children and for the three schools involved was inspiring. Parents are often tired after a full day of work […]

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I Stand Corrected!

My Magical Team of Aussie Trainers have called me on SKYPE and corrected me. I have made all kinds of mistakes in my VBlog. I said John Faulkner was John Conners. Then I added insult to injury by mispronouncing Louise Mackay’s last name! I’m sorry team!! So without the pronunciation situation, here are the corrections: […]

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Teaching Stories

Most of us as educators are aware of the power of stories to teach life lessons. People have always handed down the traditions and teachings of their cultures through stories. I have found that the power of the heros’ tale transcends age and time. Students are transfixed when I share Lovell’s story or tell them how […]

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Turning Intention into Action

In the summer of 2010, three principals from Melbourne, Australia approached me to ask for training in my anti-bullying program. They requested a train the trainer program saying that they wanted to deliver the curriculum to their students. After much discussion, a hundred e-mails back and forth with Lynne (my business partner), and a series of […]

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High Performance Results

W. Edward Deming was the creator of TQM (Total Quality Management).He was also responsible for raising Japan out of the dust after WWII. The Deming Quality Award is the second highest award in all of Japan – second only to the Emperor’s Award. I loved W. Edward Deming and had the opportunity to spend 4 days […]

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The Neuro-chemical Signature of Calm

It has been a fabulous three days and the Character Education Partnership (CEP) Conference. Lynne and I met new friends and developed new partnerships with people whose hearts are dedicated to the same vision for our children and our children’s children. The presentation I did on The Neuro-chemical Signature of Calm (Teaching Centering to Your […]

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