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Moments of Our Lives

Every soul is on a journey and every soul creates a story as their personal journey unfolds. As I reflected on my mother’s journey during the celebration of her life, I realized that there were many stages and many phases in her life. Looking out over the gathering, people from different times in mother’s journey […]

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The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – Now in eBook! Free Download Dates

The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul free on June 28th – 30th. I’m very excited to announce the Kindle release of The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul. As a celebration of this event and in gratitude to all of you who have been with […]

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How Can We Turn Our Back?

I was more than deeply disturbed at the story that surfaced months ago about Phoebe Prince, 15, who committed suicide in January due to bullying of epic proportions. Maybe heartbroken, stomach wrenching, sad, horrified that anything could come to this… maybe these feelings more closely approximate my reactions. Yet even these words belie the feelings […]

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Raving Fans #4

Syrus couldn’t hide his jubilation on the next visit. Rolling the flip charts out on the table, he said that he could feel the shift in each department. “More proactive,” he said. “They are all working on projects that they initiated.” “So the next step is clear, Syrus.” “Not to me,” Syrus countered. “It’s time […]

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Holiday With Mom

 I have had one of the most delightful visits with my mother in a long time! We took off the day after her birthday and left her home in Grants Pass headed south towards Sacramento to see her 93 year old sister. We covered approximately 700 miles in 2 days to have dinner and breakfast […]

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In Honor of Mother

Of all things most remarkable, I wonder at the word ‘mother’. In every language it’s the same… a mother is a mother forever. No matter where I go or what I do, no matter what my age or how far I wander the earth in my work and travels there is forever and there always […]

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