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Be The Joy You Wish To See!

Maybe it’s time to reflect on our mental and emotional states and make a quantum leap in improving our self-management. This in turn will help us expand our expression and experience of love. We can more easily manage our minds and our emotions by changing the stories we tell ourselves. When we expand our stories to […]

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Who or What Defines You?

Who or what defines you? An ancient proverb says that, ‘The self is the self’s only friend. And the self is the self’s only foe.’ What beliefs have you held that have held you? What decisions have you made that have made you? What stories have you told yourself ? Have these beliefs, decisions, and stories become […]

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Thank You, Steven Jobs

One of the great geniuses, one of the game changers on the planet, one of the mentors & ‘magicians’ who transformed every aspect of our lives has left this world. I have no speech, no written words. I haven’t got the ability to translate my feelings into words. I just personally want to thank the […]

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Teaching Stories

Most of us as educators are aware of the power of stories to teach life lessons. People have always handed down the traditions and teachings of their cultures through stories. I have found that the power of the heros’ tale transcends age and time. Students are transfixed when I share Lovell’s story or tell them how […]

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The Legendary Gang of Five

The Gang of Five has become a legendary favorite of VIEU. Every time I do a workshop at VIEU the gang swoops in early to share hugs, stories, storyboards and exchange life updates with me. They take the entire back row in the training room, share storyboard notes as the program progresses and engage 110% in everything that […]

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A Book Worth Your Time

Over the past few years I have been presenting a 3-Day Women in Leadership workshop for the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE).  During the years of delivering the program I have come to meet some amazing female school leaders.  Each group of women that I have worked with has reminded me of the great resource […]

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While the World is Worlding

While the financial markets are gyrating out their, it is more important than ever to maintain an attitude of gratitude in your heart. These environmental challenges test our training. They provide an opportunity to reflect on how well our inner training is advancing. Can we maintain our equanimity in times of great change? Can we […]

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