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Aphorism for the Week – From Wisdom’s Way

I’m on my third week of a speaking tour in Australia & I am thrilled to be in my wonderful second home of Melbourne again. As a result, I’m flat out, meeting and working with hundreds of wonderful people. Everywhere I go we’re talking about the power of the mind, transforming our thinking and releasing […]

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The Great Journey

Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a life time is being who you are.” Every person is given some special talent either of mind or heart or a distinctive way. Gifts and talents are never given for personal or selfish purposes. Rather they are given to each soul for the good of the tribe (as the American […]

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Forever Listening

As you know, I have been practicing listening and expanding my listening skills for many years now. In fact my study of listening began some 25 years ago when I started to realize what a ‘sketchy’ listener I was. What I mean by ‘sketchy’ is how much and how often I would drift in and […]

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Authentic Presence

Who you are makes a difference. You can practice all the skills and skill sets. You can learn all the formulas for success. But who you are, your presence makes the REAL difference. Who you are speaks louder than words! No matter what the role you’re in at the moment: a coach, an educator, a […]

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The Art of the Great

“What makes a great teacher?” I don’t know if you have ever wondered about this, but this question that has plagued me for years. Over three decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of principals and vice principals, facilitated hundreds of teacher trainings and been in classrooms with thousands of students. I’ve also had an opportunity to […]

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Teaching Students to Control Their Emotions

My recent post about Modelling Emotional Behavior seems like a great time to think about teaching this skill in your classroom. As a professional teacher you will have to make this activity age relevant and scaffold the learning for your room. However, if you are willing to work with your students on emotional literacy you […]

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Confidence: The Multi-Layered Definition

For a very long time I have advocated the need to teach emotional and social literacy to students.  I have talked about having t0 fragment all human traits into small steps so they are understandable by students in our classrooms and are therefore teachable. In a recent corporate leadership seminar this specific topic of scaffolding […]

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Why Intervention?

Why do we have so many intervention programs cropping up around the globe? Including the one I deliver. Intervention on rumors… intervention on isolation and bullying… intervention on taunting… intervention on internet harassment… intervention on ‘sexting’… Why are our students so dissatisfied that they are taking out their angst on other students? I believe it […]

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Congratulations HSFCU!

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union was voted one of the top 10 companies to work for in Hawaii. Yea and Congratulations… what an honor! As schools and organizations take on the goal of transformation it is wonderful to learn of organizations who have gone through the process of change and renewal. Organizational transformation is based on […]

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