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Thoughts Turn Into Things

Are you working hard yet not achieving the level of success that you desire? Do your dreams and goals sometimes seem elusive or just beyond reach? Do you wish you could BE more, DO more or HAVE more? Our brain is amazing! In fact, neuroscientists tell us that the human brain is the most powerful […]

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Leadership Philosophy: It’s a Rap

Every participant in the Women in Leadership Program does their Philosophy of Leadership for their graduation Certificate. Vicky McGowan showed the graduating class her grid on leadership and shared that when she showed it to her 11 year old son he said, “Oh mom, that’s so boring!” Thanks to her 11 year old son’s challenge […]

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Lead With A Frame -The First 15 Seconds Counts!

At one time or another, as a leader, parent, family member or friend, we are all faced with conversations that are uncomfortable or awkward. One of the secrets of great leadership is being able to initiate these conversations. Uncomfortable conversations take both courage and planning! In the last blog I talked about moving past the desire […]

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Lead From Within

From left to right: John Faulkner, Erin Macdonald, Sarah Carpini (support staff), Louise Mackay, Pat Owen (who flew in from Canada as support staff), myself and business associate Lynne Truair. We just finished a powerful 7 day training for 3 principals from Melbourne, Australia (names in bold). All three principals run their own school. Professionally, […]

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