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Canberra Speech

After delivering my speech in Canberra quite a few people asked if I would hang the slides on my blog so they could retrieve them. Please forgive me for doing this three days late from the time that I promised! Here are the slides as requested! Canberra Speech Slides

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Bureaucracy Can Make Us Crazy!

A few months back I wrote my manifesto about National Testing, if you haven’t read the paper you can get it here.  At the time of writing that paper I was focused on the impact that national tests have on students and how we might be measuring only a little bit of student ability or […]

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Be Still & Remember That Life Works!

My Australian tour was exceptional. I now have many new friends, and I want to thank all of you men and women who are committed to ‘raising the bar’ in your lives. In each event the focus was growing your leadership skills, skill sets and competencies. All of you shared your courage and compassion with […]

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I am humbly reminded one more time of what it takes to make a new habit! You have to… REMEMBER TO REMEMBER TO DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO! Instead, I forgot to remember to do what I said I would do and I was just reminded by Traci Toguchi‘s post on […]

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Turn Anxiety Into Energy

If you’re driving through the country and you see a goat walking in a pasture, you may glance at it, or you may turn to look for a moment, or you may not even look. You might just make a subconscious note and move on, because a goat or two in a field is a […]

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The 8th and 9th ‘P’

Lynne and I joined Lovell and Rolinda Harris for lunch at Kincaids in Honolulu on Sunday. Lovell and Rolinda were among the first students in our Academy Elan Training program and Lovell went on to mentor under me for nearly ten years. Lovell is one of the finest drug and alcohol counselors in the nation […]

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Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Last time we said that challenge is the mother of change! Now its time to retrofit our brains for the high force financial winds of these times. Stress side slams our beautiful brain. When this happens, our prefrontal cortex, the planner and thinker part of our brain (in red), loses control and our emotional limbic […]

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Journey of Excellence

I have been doing a lot of reflecting as I’ve been watching the upcoming election and the chaotic ride of the stock-market. Again, I’ve wondered; ‘What does it mean to be a human being’ in these times? Is it any different from other times in history? How do we, as leaders, navigate the great and […]

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