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Why Be a Habit Master™?

I sometimes feel as if I’m in a conversation with each and every one of you out there. It seems to be an ongoing conversation because it comes to me in the most remarkable momentary bubbles of dialogue as I’m going about my day. So this morning I was able to catch the bubble because […]

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Heartmath is on Sale Until August 19th

If you have ever needed to de-stress or wanted to practice meditation, you might want to check out HeartMath™. They have a product that I absolutely love. I personally use the em-Wave Desktop. It’s like having a biofeedback machine on your home computer. I can track my heart rate and transform anxiety or stress into calm […]

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The Habit Master’s Secrets

Successful people aren’t always the most brilliant. Successful people have learned the power of positive habits. Habits can either hold us down or hold us up. Successful people have learned the secrets of the Habit Master. They have learned to harness habits that work in their favor, habits that move them toward higher levels of […]

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The Secret To Leadership Success – Is It EQ, SQ or both?

I’ve been involved in leadership development for over 30 years only to discover that leadership requires a good dose of emotional management (EQ) as well as the development of social relationships (SQ). Pre-2006 many people including author Daniel Goleman, put the two intelligences together under the title of emotional intelligence. However, about 17 years ago I began […]

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The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – Now in eBook! Free Download Dates

The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul free on June 28th – 30th. I’m very excited to announce the Kindle release of The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul. As a celebration of this event and in gratitude to all of you who have been with […]

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The Best Kept Secret In The World

You Are Your Own Best Kept Secret in the world. You carry the wisdom of millenniums of time within you. It is written in the neural networks of  your brain and etched in the inner chambers of your heart. It is the desire to live fully, love completely and became a self-actualzed human being. There is an […]

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