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Difficult Conversations

One of the great challenges in our professional and personal lives is communicating in difficult situations. People often avoid difficult communications hoping the need for them will go away.  Others avoid them because they don’t feel skilled enough to communicate in a positive, clear and specific tmanner. Most of the time a combination of these […]

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Forever Listening

As you know, I have been practicing listening and expanding my listening skills for many years now. In fact my study of listening began some 25 years ago when I started to realize what a ‘sketchy’ listener I was. What I mean by ‘sketchy’ is how much and how often I would drift in and […]

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Get Listening eSeminar for free

I have been consumed over the past few years with new technologies, new training processes and new ways of thinking.  The very first step in that process was the starting of this blog.  So 18 months ago the first blog was launched, then it got a new look with a migration to a new platform […]

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My lack of activity in the blog for the past few weeks is directly linked to the hard work I have been putting into my first eSeminars.  My learning curve has been steep and I have certainly been stretching my Comfort Zone as I embrace this new training medium. Back in November 2009 I locked […]

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Great E-Learning Tool!

I was recently reading Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day blog and she highlighted a hot e-learning tool for the classroom, Sketchpad.  It got me thinking about how to use computers with the development of emotional and social literacy in our students. I wanted to explictly demonstrate how you can use technology to increase social […]

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The Art of Artful Listening!

I’ve been doing a bit of reading in different fields lately and was reflecting on a statement Doctor Jerome Groopman made in his book, How Doctors Think. From his perspective,the best way to know what is going on with your patients is to get them to talk openly about their situation or problem. He said […]

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