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The iPad – Changing the Learning Game

Steven Jobs has changed the landscape one more time (and I’m not talking about the iPhone – that’s one more to his never-ending list)! Could I be more pleased with the iPad? While it’s still missing a few things such as a camera and the ability to see flash video, all in all, it’s hot! […]

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Increasing Student Retention

If you’re as interested in learning as I am, I’m sure you have wondered about student retention.   Donald Clark wrote an excellent article on spaced practice as a prime method to increase retention anywhere from 200-700%. I’d like to further the list with 3 more ways to increase student retention as well as a […]

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Great E-Learning Tool!

I was recently reading Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day blog and she highlighted a hot e-learning tool for the classroom, Sketchpad.  It got me thinking about how to use computers with the development of emotional and social literacy in our students. I wanted to explictly demonstrate how you can use technology to increase social […]

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Transforming Education

Tom Peters wrote a post that led to an article in the New York Times on making college more relevant.  The article details 10 new degrees that are being offered at University level, none of which existed three or even two years ago. Some of these new degrees were: Learning to Listen – Narrative medicine […]

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What is EQ?

I’ve been saying for 30 years human beings are more than their intellect. To be a human being includes our emotions. EQ is the Quality of our emotions or how we manage our reactions to the events and situations in our lives. Until very recently emotional literacy was not thought to be a part of the […]

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IQ, EQ, SQ Modelâ„¢

I want to respond to a recurrent question that has been asked of me. It came up again just recently and I realized that I needed to listen, review and respond! The question was this: “Do you really feel that the emotional and social qualities (EQ and SQ) are learn-able?” The recent question was couched […]

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Self-Reflection for September 21st

Could it be that those who are highly successful are highly successful not because of what they say but because of the quality of the questions they ask? As I said in my last entry, I was talking with Toby from KTA Superstores and he brought up the adage of, ‘What are the questions that […]

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At Night – Close the Circle!

Now let’s close the circle in the evening. The day is done. You are ready to close it up maybe do a little reading or watch a bit of TV. So here you are back in front of the mirror, toothbrush in hand.  Have you ever added up the minutes in a life time that […]

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An Apple a Day for Your Brain!

And what keeps your brain active and healthy? The joy of learning! Like the old preverbial apple a day for physical health…the practice you have embarked on is an apple a day for your brain and well being! So how did you do with your 2 minutes a day plan? Did you do it every […]

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