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My Apologies

I’ve been in seclusion developing the e-seminars I spoke of a month or two ago. It’s been an exciting process, but I have been up to my ears in power point templates, playbook manuals, and video and audio equipment. Ask me if I’m excited! I am!!! I am finally having the opportunity to take years […]

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What is SQ?

Given the latest research on the affect that human beings have on each other, SQ may be one of the most important components of student as well as leadership success. SQ is really the quality of our social intelligence. It is how we connect with and relate to others. It is how we invest in, […]

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Philosophy of Leadership

W. Edward Deming was one of my mentors. He was the man responsible for TQM (Total Quality Management) and the rise of Japan after WWII. When I was with him he made a powerful statement that forever impacted my life and teaching. He said, “It is impossible to lead without a philosophy of leadership!” To […]

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Self-Reflection for September 21st

Could it be that those who are highly successful are highly successful not because of what they say but because of the quality of the questions they ask? As I said in my last entry, I was talking with Toby from KTA Superstores and he brought up the adage of, ‘What are the questions that […]

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Raving Fans #4

Syrus couldn’t hide his jubilation on the next visit. Rolling the flip charts out on the table, he said that he could feel the shift in each department. “More proactive,” he said. “They are all working on projects that they initiated.” “So the next step is clear, Syrus.” “Not to me,” Syrus countered. “It’s time […]

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Thoughts ‘R’ Things

Just because we don’t see our thoughts, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. As we discussed in the last post, some of the most powerful light waves are not visible to the human eye. Thoughts fly out from our minds in the same way that sound travels out from its source. And, the more emotion you […]

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Elan – Zest, Enthusiasm, Spirit!

So many people have asked me what the word ‘Elan‘ means. It’s a French word that was absorbed into the English dictionary because the there was no English counterpart. ELAN is ZEST, ENTHUSIASM, SPIRIT. Elan is at the heart of leadership! Elan is really the language of leadership! As a leader, keeping your spirit and […]

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About D. Trinidad Hunt

D. Trinidad Hunt – International author, consultant, trainer and teacher has decades of experience in the area of curriculum writing and program development.  As co-founder of the Élan Enterprises, Trinidad developed and delivered organizational training programs for business leader, not for profit companies and schools across the USA and internationally. The effect has been education […]

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