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Why are EQ and SQ Important?

For more than 30 years I have been thinking about IQ,EQ,SQ.  I have been trying to find some answers to the big questions in life.  My journey has seen me move from the classroom through the corporate world and now back to classrooms again.  Along this journey I have discovered many things, but the most […]

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Philosophy of Leadership

W. Edward Deming was one of my mentors. He was the man responsible for TQM (Total Quality Management) and the rise of Japan after WWII. When I was with him he made a powerful statement that forever impacted my life and teaching. He said, “It is impossible to lead without a philosophy of leadership!” To […]

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Self-Reflection for September 21st

Could it be that those who are highly successful are highly successful not because of what they say but because of the quality of the questions they ask? As I said in my last entry, I was talking with Toby from KTA Superstores and he brought up the adage of, ‘What are the questions that […]

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