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The Great Gratitudes

It has been a challenge getting to the internet while I’ve been on the road. Right now I am on wifi in active, energized and noisy Starbucks in Palm Springs, California. My 93 year old mother took a dip in the last 2 months and my brother and I are getting her settled into a […]

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Zig Ziglar and me!!

I called Zig Ziglar a beautiful man this evening and he informed me in no uncertain terms that only women are beautiful. And that he was a man!! What a joy to share with this legend. I had the opportunity to speak on the stage with his wonderful daughter Julie who edited 16 of his […]

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Say YES to Life!

I was at the airport with Jocelyn Pratt yesterday – on our way to do a seminar on another island. We were in the middle of a ‘Starbucks moment’ when Jocelyn looked up and recognized the man at the table next to us. He was Hannibal Means a gifted opera singer and performer from ‘Americas Got Talent’ […]

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How Do You Define Success?

The dictionary says that success is defined as “the attainment of popularity or profit,” or “a person that achieves desired aims or prosperity.” That may be the world’s definition of success, but I define success as a measurement of the heart that only the heart can know. In other words even if the world says […]

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Happy Holidays

On Thanksgiving Day I always write a list of 50-100 things I’m thankful for. The first thing on my list this year was the fact that my mother is still living. She is 92 and doing very well. Her mind is clear and she is still active and I am so grateful for that! So […]

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August in Australia

I was reflecting about 5 days ago as I kicked back and relaxed on my flight from Canberra back to Melbourne. For 9 years Lynne and I have been coming to Australia, yet this tour has been one of the most amazing and exhilarating ever. Relationships are everything! It is what invigorates me and brings joy […]

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Women in Leadership Program

One of my great joys is teaching leadership skills. During the past 2-3 years on my Australian Tours I have had the chance to teach a truly special program.  My Women in Leadership program is a 3-Day event.  I have had such great fun and enjoyment during these sessions. The program runs again in 2010.  […]

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Whistler in Winter

Forgive the break in communication, but I am on my annual one month vacation. I’m here in Whistler connecting with old friends. Then off to spend some time with my mother in Grants Pass Oregon. I will be home just in time to set my 2010 goals for the year. And, as usual, I invite all […]

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Train the Trainer

It’s been an active week for me here! The trainers at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union are sailing along. I licensed 4 of my programs to HSFCU and the trainers are doing just fine! However when Cherese (far left) went to take a screen shot of her wordle image for the week, she couldn’t figure […]

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Self-Reflection for the Week of September 6th

I thought I’d comment on my own self-reflection for last week… mostly because the comments I’m getting are in person. Then I thought it might be a good idea to run another similar idea for this weeks reflection. This is why… I was doing a Train the Trainer program for a team of professional trainers […]

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