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Congratulations HSFCU!

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union was voted one of the top 10 companies to work for in Hawaii. Yea and Congratulations… what an honor! As schools and organizations take on the goal of transformation it is wonderful to learn of organizations who have gone through the process of change and renewal. Organizational transformation is based on […]

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Love You, Australia!

Dear Australia, you are here in my heart as I am in the midst of re-entry here in Hawaii. Every time I return from your shores, I find that my life is richer… new friends, new experiences and ever deepening connections with old friends! I’m still getting my day and night switched back to U.S. time. The International […]

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Bullying on the Campus

Community is everything. The bullying events that hit the news and glare in our headlines are the tip of the iceberg. For every story we hear, there are a thousand that we don’t. But they have one thing in common; at their very core is a lack of community. As educators, we may think we’re doing […]

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Theory to Reality

I have advocated for a long time that we can teach students Emotional and Social Literacy skills.  At Farrington High School on Hawaii I actually did an activity with some students teaching them about perseverance when working towards long term goals. The Grid is my classroom activity to have students experience the challenges inherent in […]

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Emotional and Social Literacy in the Schools!

I just completed a 2 day school course at Farrington High School. It focused on balancing intellectual strengths with emotional and social literacy. The course was called “Life Without Limits – You Make a Difference” and the results were over the top! In an activity called ‘The Grid’ students confronted boredom, frustration, and exasperation as […]

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Self-Reflection for the Week

This has been a lovely time in my life. I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting lately. It has given me the opportunity to review my life lessons and glean the wisdom from them. So the question for this week is: If you had the opportunity to mentor someone younger then yourself, and you could […]

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Taking Care of Family

Sorry for the miss last week. I was caught in a family emergency that took all of my attention and energy. I know you understand what I mean…it’s called first things first! I’m looking forward to a great week ahead as our Australian partner, David Linke will be joining me and Lynne for a 10 […]

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See Through Scotomas!

I was getting my nails done yesterday and got into a discussion on life and living with Renee, who does my nails. This is no unusual situation as Renee and I often wax philosophical during our once a month nail time together. But for some reason our discussion struck a self-reflective chord yesterday. I walked […]

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Each year Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii hosts one of the most prestigious IronMan events on the planet. The IronMan is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and at 26.2 mile run. About a week before the event begins participants, their families and support teams flood into town to prep […]

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