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Repetitive Thoughts Create Reality

Thoughts are things!! Every repetitive thought that we think eventually becomes reality. Our brain is magnificent! In fact, neuro-scientists tell use that the human brain is the most powerful processor and solution generator on the planet. We know that human intention can and does influence material and properties in a significant way. We are all equally […]

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The Great Gratitudes

It has been a challenge getting to the internet while I’ve been on the road. Right now I am on wifi in active, energized and noisy Starbucks in Palm Springs, California. My 93 year old mother took a dip in the last 2 months and my brother and I are getting her settled into a […]

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Thank you to the Elves

If you read my blog in a feedreader you will have missed the beautiful new website design I launched this week.  Head on over to the blog and check it out.  Just click here to come and see for yourself. A big huge thank you for the elves that have been working around the clock […]

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Morning Meditation

I got up especially early today. I could feel the joy and discovery available in the morning coming over me and I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. I wanted to watch the colors of the day emerge across the ocean. As the birds began to stir, I saw the sun cast its […]

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Celebrate the Small Things!

Sometimes even in the midst of a financial shortfall, you may want to celebrate small wins by doing something special for yourselves.That was the case for my business associate and I last Sunday evening. She was down at my home on the Big Island. We turned the corner on a project and decided we needed […]

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