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Happy Holidays

On Thanksgiving Day I always write a list of 50-100 things I’m thankful for. The first thing on my list this year was the fact that my mother is still living. She is 92 and doing very well. Her mind is clear and she is still active and I am so grateful for that! So […]

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Thank you to the Elves

If you read my blog in a feedreader you will have missed the beautiful new website design I launched this week.  Head on over to the blog and check it out.  Just click here to come and see for yourself. A big huge thank you for the elves that have been working around the clock […]

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Screen Shots On Your PC

Ask and you shall receive! I know only too well that RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING and I’m forever grateful for my relationships. It’s through relationships that my gaps get filled and questions answered. So one of my primary business relationships gave me the word on taking screen shots on a PC. I was on  the  phone […]

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Be Still & Remember That Life Works!

My Australian tour was exceptional. I now have many new friends, and I want to thank all of you men and women who are committed to ‘raising the bar’ in your lives. In each event the focus was growing your leadership skills, skill sets and competencies. All of you shared your courage and compassion with […]

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Questions Are More Powerful Than Answers

positiveI thought that I would ask a powerful positive question with every blog entry that I do from now on. This new addition was inspired by Traci Toguchi, Miss Hawaii 1995. Traci just joined our Planetary Briefing Room ( and I went to her website to check her out and say Aloha and welcome. You […]

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