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Thank you for the excellent presentation and program

We would like to offer our sincere “thank you” to Trinidad Hunt for the extremely informative, educational, as well as inspiring program. Ms. Hunt has a wonderful gift of making the material come alive and helping participants get inspired and excited. We were given lesson plans, videos and posters. One of the strongest positives of […]

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IQ, EQ, SQ: What is it?

Schools all over the world measure IQ. They have forever, and they probably always will. As a teacher I did. But in my classroom I always struggled with IQ as being the determining factor of educational outcomes. Human beings are more than IQ. Success, satisfaction and happiness is not purely a function of intellect. A […]

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Philosophy of Leadership

W. Edward Deming was one of my mentors. He was the man responsible for TQM (Total Quality Management) and the rise of Japan after WWII. When I was with him he made a powerful statement that forever impacted my life and teaching. He said, “It is impossible to lead without a philosophy of leadership!” To […]

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From Classroom to Boardroom

I have always experienced a love for children and a commitment to their future and the future of our the world. And because of this my contribution to education has long endured. This commitment lay dormant for nearly 20 years while I worked in the corporate sector training and coaching at every level  from the […]

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Flexibility Time!

I am back from a two week tour through the islands. I’ve been teaching and speaking and signing books. It seems to all happen at once. So here I was on the road and the first print of Roadmap to Success arrived in the home office. My staff got to see it before I did…Does […]

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