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Difficult Conversations

One of the great challenges in our professional and personal lives is communicating in difficult situations. People often avoid difficult communications hoping the need for them will go away.  Others avoid them because they don’t feel skilled enough to communicate in a positive, clear and specific tmanner. Most of the time a combination of these […]

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A Book Worth Your Time

Over the past few years I have been presenting a 3-Day Women in Leadership workshop for the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE).  During the years of delivering the program I have come to meet some amazing female school leaders.  Each group of women that I have worked with has reminded me of the great resource […]

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Relationship is Everything!

The #1 law in the universe is: RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING! And the AU tour has been no different. Day after day Lynne and I have had beautiful connections with delightful people from various backgrounds. It’s amazing to engage with 50 or 60 individuals all with an incredible history that they bring with them. Each person […]

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The Power of the Modern Myth

I had an exciting opportunity to hear Richard Olivier, the son of Lawrence Olivier the great British actor. Richard shared the lesson’s of leadership imbedded in the Shakespearian story of Henry V. Listening to Richard rekindled my passion for the power of archetypes and myth to reveal the path of purpose, of life, and of […]

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