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A Must See – Joel Burns on Bullying

I am currently working in two >schools with anti-bullying programs. And I have just received a call to speak on bullying and cyber-bullying in the schools on a radio broadcast. I have been working in schools with my anti-bullying program for over 10 years now. And I recently wrote a post entitled, How Many – […]

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How Many – How Long?

I have been raising the flag on bullying for some time now. I’ve been calling for reform. How many students must we lose before we raise our heads and confront the elephant in the room? And how long will we wait before we shake off the torpor and rise to the challenge before us? […]

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How Can We Turn Our Back?

I was more than deeply disturbed at the story that surfaced months ago about Phoebe Prince, 15, who committed suicide in January due to bullying of epic proportions. Maybe heartbroken, stomach wrenching, sad, horrified that anything could come to this… maybe these feelings more closely approximate my reactions. Yet even these words belie the feelings […]

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Bullying on the Campus

Community is everything. The bullying events that hit the news and glare in our headlines are the tip of the iceberg. For every story we hear, there are a thousand that we don’t. But they have one thing in common; at their very core is a lack of community. As educators, we may think we’re doing […]

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What is SQ?

Given the latest research on the affect that human beings have on each other, SQ may be one of the most important components of student as well as leadership success. SQ is really the quality of our social intelligence. It is how we connect with and relate to others. It is how we invest in, […]

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Tweeterific News

I just joined the Tweeter universe & got an incredible flash from my friend Russ. He went to visit a school & found our Spectrum of Bullying Poster up in the library. He sent a pic of it. That’s from our non-profit contribution world known as the World Youth Network. Sent from my iphone. The […]

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