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The Great Journey

Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a life time is being who you are.” Every person is given some special talent either of mind or heart or a distinctive way. Gifts and talents are never given for personal or selfish purposes. Rather they are given to each soul for the good of the tribe (as the American […]

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Fill Your Own Tank!

Who fuels your inspiration? Who lights your fire every morning and gets you going? Who knows your purpose and your passion? It’s you and you alone who hold the key to your motivation and inspiration. The success and satisfaction we seek in our lives is in our own hands. No one else can fuel your fire. […]

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Clipper Ship

I saw this from my apartment in Melbourne AU. A bit of the old days of clipper ships. It must be what the American Indians and the Australian Aboriginal first nation people saw a few hundred years ago when the English came into port.  

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