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Raving or Raging Fans? The First Lesson!

Syrus Lenco, CEO at a large company said he was having morale problems in the ranks. He asked me to assess the corporate culture and deliver a report. At the end of a few weeks I came to him with the results. “You don’t have a morale issue, Syrus. You have a leadership issue.” “What […]

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Holiday With Mom

 I have had one of the most delightful visits with my mother in a long time! We took off the day after her birthday and left her home in Grants Pass headed south towards Sacramento to see her 93 year old sister. We covered approximately 700 miles in 2 days to have dinner and breakfast […]

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Catch Those Thoughts!

So how did your refrigerator practice go? I was doing it again myself and found that I made it through about 4 days. I had a situation that triggered me. It happens! Life happens! And just when you think you’re doing well something unexpected hits your buttons and pushes you to the next level. Then […]

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