Service With Soul

Service With Soul by Trinidad Hunt

In this new millennium there is a new generation of customers. Most of them are well traveled, more knowledgeable and more sophisticated than the generation before them. Beyond that, the media as well as our competition is educating our customers and raising their level of expectations. Is your company really focused on the customer? Today, more than ever before customer service is a moving target.

In this active four hour program you will explore “Service With Soul” as a way of life. Through discussion, video, questionnaires and teamwork, participants will generate a tremendous amount of information to help increase the company’s customer service commitment and focus. Achieve a new level of success by exceeding your customer’s needs and expectations.

This program contains: Logistics Checklists, Room Set-up, Facilitator’s Scripts and Outlines, Power Point Slide Presentation, and Handouts, as well as a Video Introduction by D. Trinidad Hunt, co-founder of Elan Enterprises LLC and Elan Learning Institute, best selling author, international consultant and creator of these training modules.

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