K – 6 IQ EQ SQ Character and Values Education Curriculum Manuals

IQ-EQ-SQ Curriculum Manuals K-Grade 6 – Comprehensive Value and Character Education – Digital Download

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This bundle includes grades K-6 IQ-EQ-SQ downloadable digital books to print for your school. Each book has a varying number of chapters which cover the qualities for that book. These qualities are Intellectual, Emotional and Social Quality words sequenced in a balanced interdependent manner. Each chapter opens with an age relevant working definition and includes 4 activities, one of which is a coloring self-reflective activity. This allows for explicit teaching while implicit activities are included in the life application’ activities. 

Further, chapters include 2 stories written specifically for this curriculum. As a result students find them new and enjoyable. Also included in the chapter are mentors and models and great quotations to enhance dialogue and discussion as well as drawing and written activities that can fill your bulletin board. 

Many feel character education & values based learning are new fields. Our research spans over three decades & covers a range of disciplines. Quest 4 Character – A Values for Life Program – is the result.

The program was born out of three over-arching questions: 
1. What does it mean to be a human being? 
2. What does it mean to express our true humanity? 
3. How can I, as one human being, live an ordinary life in an extra-ordinary way.

The Kindergarten qualities and words are: 
IQ: Listen, Look 
EQ: Feelings, Thankful 
SQ: Love, Sharing

The First Grade qualities and words are: 
IQ: Focus, Think, Discover 
EQ: Happy, Truthful, Polite 
SQ: Family, Friends, Caring

The Second Grade qualities and words are: 
IQ – Listen, Focus, Learn 
EQ – Self-control, Manners, Confidence 
SQ – Respect, Generous, Helpful 

The Third Grade qualities and words are: 
IQ – Respect, Imagine, Plan 
EQ – Polite, Calm, Honesty 
SQ – Citizenship, Kindness, Cooperation

The words for the 4th grade curriculum are: 
IQ – Listening, Focus, Responsibility 
EQ – Patience, Optimism, Self-control 
SQ – Caring, Peacefulness, Compassion 

The 5th grade learning words are: 
IQ – Goals-oriented, Curiosity, Forethought 
EQ – Determination, Honesty, Self-discipline 
SQ – Helpfulness, Friendship, Respect

The 6th grade learning words are: 
IQ – Concentration, Initiative, Dependability, Creativity 
EQ – Courage, Self-awareness, Perseverance, Integrity 
SQ – Consideration, Forgiveness, Empathy, Cooperation


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