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mgrtitleThe Challenges Managers Face Today

The times have changed, employees have changed, and the way we do business has changed and will continue to change. There was a time when you, as a manager, could direct and control the actions of employees. Today’s workforce is very different and the skills sets and competencies necessary to be an effective manager in organizations today have changed.

In this constantly changing work environment, with continuously changing demands, managers have more work to do and with a far leaner staff than ever before. The pace is hectic and staff members and teams feel stretched. Everyone is handling more work in less time.

What made you a successful manager in the past may not necessarily give you the success you desire in the future. And the future is rushing towards as like a freight train without brakes.

Old management styles of the past no longer seem to work with this new generation. Further, the complex highly diversified workforce requires a high level of emotional-social intelligence as well as advanced communication skills.

In the diagram below you will notice the distinction between the traditional management model and the model necessary for management success today.  In the traditional environment of the past, managers could easily ‘demand and command’. It was the traditional environment that gave us the phrase, ”my way or the highway”.


However, managers today must learn to lead by developing a high performance team. High performance cannot be mandated. High performance happens when teams are inspired to do their best and give their best.

These are the skills managers must master today in order to engage people in the process with them. Managers must learn to lead from the front, the side, and the back. When necessary, they must even discover how to collaborate with the team to achieve their mutual outcomes for the good of the department and the organization.

Benefits of Management Coaching

Élan Coaching System for managers provides a systematic framework for meeting the pressing demands that managers face. It is aimed at helping managers solve even the most challenging problems they encounter in the work place. Together, the manager and the Élan coach will develop a flexible personalized program that addresses the specific needs and goals of the participant.

Managers Tell Us…

Mangers tell us that they have gained solutions to some of their most difficult organizational challenges. Managers shared with us after being coached by an ECS coach that they…

  • “Improved time management skills”
  • "Get more done in less time"
  • “Developed more effective people skills”
  • “Helped employees grow to higher professional levels”
  • “Developed better emotional intelligence skills”
  • “Engage more easily in difficult conversations with team members”
  • “Developed better coaching skills”
  • "Set and achieved primary goals"
  • “Enhanced team member’s leadership potential”
  • “Using the ECS stress reduction system and feeling more resilient every day”
  • “Built stronger relationships with team members”
  • "Improved project follow-up and follow-through"
  • "Helped team develop a departmental vision"
  • “Increased loyalty in the team”
  • “Developed high performance team”
  • “Now generate more creative solutions to problems”
  • “Learned to lead by example”
  • “Improved project planning skills”
  • “Better communication skills”
  • “Aligned team members to accomplish core objectives”


Tools and Strategies To Meet Manager Needs

The Élan Coaching System for managers includes a broad menu of tools to support managers in advancing in their leadership role. Some of these are listed below. However these are used in a variety of ways and delivered only according to each individual’s purpose, goals and progress during the coaching process. 

  • Current state assessment
  • Professional Mapping
  • Professional assessments and Inventories
  • Team assessments
  • Emotional and social skills coaching
  • Stretching your Comfort Zone
  • The scaffolding model
  • Clarification of goals and objectives
  • Help develop a ‘do it now’ mentality
  • Stop managing and start leading
  • Facilitate a shift in perspective when necessary
  • Learn to inspire people to aspire to higher performance
  • Help identify resources for growth (Books, video and audio materials)
  • Collaborate on a coaching plan with timelines and key objectives
  • How to run a great team meeting
  • Time management assessments and tools
  • Team alignment methods
  • Project prioritization and outcomes
  • Develop and follow-through on action plans
  • Stress release techniques
  • Project, visioning and goal planning tools
  • Action accountability
  • Results inquiry and coaching throughout the process

And more…


Lisa Canty, Teaching & Learning Leader

Lisa Canty - Élan Coaching System TestimonialBeing mentored by Trinidad on a regular basis through video conferencing is personalised, collaborative and confidential.  This process supports and enables me to explore multiple perspectives and take authentic action in developing positive relationships with the team.

- Lisa Canty
Teaching and Learning Leader
Our Holy Redeemer School


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