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The Challenges Principals Face Today

In a constantly changing environment, with continuously changing demands Principals, Vice Principals and Deputies face more challenges than ever before. There is more work to be done and with a leaner staff. The pace is hectic, staff turnover is often high and educators feel stretched with handling more work in less time.

It’s a sign of the times in which we live. What made us successful in the past, may not necessarily work in the future. And the future is rushing towards as like a freight train without brakes.

These are new times and there are more members of a new generation joining our workforce every day. Elan Coaching System Executive CoachingOld leadership styles of the past no longer seem to work with this new generation. Further, the complex highly diversified workforce requires a high level of emotional-social intelligence as well as advanced communication skills.

With all of these pressures, as an education administrator, you may find your attention pulled in many directions at once. And this pull only exacerbates the daily stress you may feel in moving your leadership team and organization forward in today’s ever changing and unforgiving market place.

Élan Coaching System - Executive Coaching - Organizational effectiveness must evolve and change with the times.

These demands require continual and ever-evolving organizational effectiveness. Leaders must develop the ability to adapt and change as the demands of the environment shift and put new pressures on our schools today.

Benefits Of Élan Coaching

Élan Coaching System for education administrators provides a systematic framework for meeting the demands of the times. It is aimed at helping Principals, Vice Principals and Deputies solve even the most challenging problems they are faced with today. Together, the leader and the Élan coach will develop a personalized program that addresses the specific needs and goals of the participant.

Individual participants receive various benefits from ECS Coaching based on the goals and outcomes they are seeking to achieve. Yet, there are some common overarching advantages to being coached.


Principals Tell Us…

Education administrators say that they have gained solutions to some of their most difficult school challenges. They shared that after being coached by an ECS coach that they…

  • “Developed more effective people skills
  • “Strengthened my emotional intelligence skills
  • "Set and achieve goals and project plans with my team"
  • "Now engage in difficult conversations with team members when necessary"
  • “Successfully using stress reduction techniques
  • Create rapport with my staff more quickly”
  • “Now engage more easily in difficult conversations with lead team members”
  • Inspired education leadership team to higher levels of professionalism
  • “Focused administrative team to accelerate organizational goals
  • "Enhanced my team's leadership skills"
  • Beat our annual financial goals
  • “Developed a high performance school leadership team
  • “Now generate more creative solutions to problems
  • “Like getting out and talking with staff and they appreciate it
  • Have changed how I operate within my school and will continue to adapt with the times
  • "Refined my communication skills"
  • "Increased school performance and created a more positive climate"


Tools and Strategies To Meet Administrator's Needs

The Élan Coaching System for education administrators includes a full range and a broad menu of tools to support you in your leadership advancement. Some of these are listed below. However, these are used in a variety of ways and delivered only according to each individual’s purpose, goals and intended outcomes. 

  • Current state assessment
  • Professional Mapping
  • Personal and professional assessments and inventories
  • Cultural assessments
  • Emotional and social skills coaching
  • Clarification of goals, intentions, outcomes
  • Bring meetings to life
  • Time management tools
  • Team alignment methods
  • Engage in difficult conversations when needed
  • Project prioritization and outcomes
  • Develop and follow-through on action plans
  • Facilitate a shift in perspective when necessary
  • Help identify resources for growth (Books, video and audio materials)
  • Stress release techniques
  • Project, visioning and goal planning tools
  • Action accountability
  • Life balance wheel
  • Engage people in the process
  • High level inquiry for greater clarity
  • Collaborative strategic planning
  • Collaborate on a coaching plan with action timelines and key objectives

And more…


From Patrick Brodrick, Deputy Principal

Patrick Brodrick - Elan Coaching System TestimonialFrom my first experience of working with Trinidad Hunt and Lynne Truair, I felt empowered as a leader.  Trinidad’s engaging mode of presentation and Lynne’s timely words of wisdom and experience provide for an engaging journey of personal and leadership growth.

In the 12 months working with Trinidad and Lynne, I have been challenged to reflect on myself as a leader and a member of a collaborative team.  I have developed, implemented and refined skills and strategies that have served me well as a leader in education.

- Patrick Brodrick, Deputy Principal, Our Holy Redeemer School


From Louise Mackay, Principal

I have had the privilege of attending numerous Professional Development activities with Trinidad Hunt.  The first and most important one was held in Hawaii with two of my principal colleagues.  It was a personal growth and development conference. For me it was a life changing experience. Trinidad spent three days challenging and encouraging us to look beyond who we were to discover who we could become. We were introduced to the gift of meditation.
Many of my staff have attended Trinidad Hunt’s Coaching and Leadership courses.  They have found them to be most helpful and informative.  The processes Trinidad employs to develop staff knowledge and expertise keeps them engaged and motivated.
- Louise Mackay, Principal, St. Luke's Wantirna


From Sue Carr, Principal

Trinidad Hunt is an extraordinary speaker and coach who has the ability to connect in a warm and effective manner with her audience. She encourages and supports leaders to recognise their own innate strength and wisdom when they are leading others. She highlights the importance of developing deep connections through the art of listening and conversation. She inspires you to find the very best in yourself and in the people you lead.
- Sue Carr, Principal, St Brendan's Primary School Somerville

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