Seminar Handouts and Examples

Leadership Philosophy Grid

Example of a leadership philosophy grid from Trinidad Hunt’s Women in Leadership classes.

Leadership Philosophy Grid

Leadership Philosophy Rap by Vicky McGowan

Every participant in the Women in Leadership Program does their Philosophy
of Leadership for their graduation Certificate. Vicky McGowan showed the
graduating class her grid on leadership and shared that when she showed it to
her 11 year old son he said, “Oh mom, that’s so boring!”

Thanks to her 11 year old son’s challenge Vicky decided to go for it so she wrote her philosophy in
rap form. She read to the group with rap music for rhythm and everyone in the
group went wild.

Vicki is now working to record it for YouTube and when she does, we’ll
share it with you. Thanks, Vicki for taking the challenge…. I can’t wait to
show your video on my blog!


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