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New Look – New Book Celebration Coupon – BOGO

We are celebrating our site’s new look and my new book, Words of Wisdom – Experts Share Strategies for Mastering Life and Business Relationships by D. Trinidad Hunt, Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracy and other experts, with a special. Buy the book and get a FREE download of Daybreak – Baroque Music to Enhance Creativity […]

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Be The Joy You Wish To See!

Maybe it’s time to reflect on our mental and emotional states and make a quantum leap in improving our self-management. This in turn will help us expand our expression and experience of love. We can more easily manage our minds and our emotions by changing the stories we tell ourselves. When we expand our stories to […]

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Moments of Our Lives

Every soul is on a journey and every soul creates a story as their personal journey unfolds. As I reflected on my mother’s journey during the celebration of her life, I realized that there were many stages and many phases in her life. Looking out over the gathering, people from different times in mother’s journey […]

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A Holiday Blessing to You and Yours!

Dear friends and all of you who have become my extended family throughout the world, during this season I often reflect on my life. And my reflection has inspired me as I rejoice and give thanks for all of you who have contributed so much to my life. My 104 year old uncle left the […]

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A Habit Master™ Shares His Purpose

My hairdresser’s name is Phil. Phil and I have known each other for over 25 years and though he may not know it, he is a Habit Master™ extraordinaire. Over the course of these years we have always engaged in conversations on the subject of life, life’s lessons, and our part in designing our own […]

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The Habit Master™ Curriculum

People often ask me, where do you begin on this life-long journey of success, and fulfillment. I know from personal experience on the Habit MasterTM path that the journey begins with service. It starts with a burning desire to live a life that helps something or someone, a life that in some way improves the lot […]

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