The Truth About Cyberbullying & Bullying: the Stats, the Effects and the Solutions


Have you put bullying in a box?Have you put bullying in a box?

The statistics are staggering and the effects long-reaching. Many think that bullying starts with physical abuse and violence. Decades of research and experience in educational systems around the globe have shown that bullying actually occurs along a spectrum and that the little abrasive things we do to each other is the root cause of the issue. Starting with things such as teasing, dirty looks, isolation, name calling, hateful text messages or spreading false rumors on Facebook or social media, bullying progresses into more aggressive behaviors such as emotional or even physical abuse. The time to address a problem is at the beginning or early part of the spectrum, before we experience the far reaching effects of legal problems, bullycide (suicide), homicide and life altering damage. The Spectrum of Bullying from Breaking Out of The World Game - a bullying intervention program

The Challenges

Is it just kids being kids and it will sort itself out or is it a bullying incident? Did the teacher see it and was he/she able to intervene appropriately? Did the other students witnessing the incident know what to do or did they stand by helplessly or even join in? Is the latest legislation going to solve our problems or is the problem bigger than this? 

The truth is most bullying flies under the radar. Students report that teachers intervene in approximately 25% of bullying situations have a teacher intervene, while 71% of teachers think they stepped in all the time. Recognizing what is and isn’t bullying, is a big step towards solving the problem. IMost bullying flies under the radar and we are losing our children.t is about power, who has it and who will do whatever it takes to get it. The difference is in the relationship of the children and in the intent of the actions. As educators, we must recognize the difference. Being observant, having a plan in place and taking appropriate action to heal the situation, not just be punitive, will catch incidents as they occur. 

What about the bystanders or those in fear of being bullied themselves? Breaking Out of The World Game is more than a program to tick the box for legislation. It is also more than putting together a plan after an incident occurs. Our program addresses it before it starts, in the hearts and minds of each student, educator and parent. When students are engaged in creating their own plan in a positive way, they change the school climate, making it safer and more productive for everyone. When the school climate is changed it no longer allows bullying behaviors to take place unnoticed and unaddressed.  

What about the legislation? We need laws to insist that some type of program be in place. However, laws do not in and of themselves change our hearts and minds and thus our behavior. A law may get a “problem child” out of the classroom. However, it doesn’t catch a bullying incident before it starts and it doesn’t address the damage that has already occurred. (see statistics for bullies and victims below)

Cyberbullying and Today’s Digital Citizens

Breaking Out of The World Game Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics Infographic

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In this new age of digital citizenship we are seeing a marked increase in online bullying behavior and the fall-out of those behaviors. With cell phones, the internet, iPads and computers as a part of our children’s lives, it is imperative that we train ourselves and guide them to be responsible, caring citizens of the digital age.

To address this aspect, we have teamed up with Robyn Treyvaud of Generation Safe Solutions. She says “Living online means school boundaries now stretch way beyond the school gate. While this offers huge potential for teaching and learning, it also brings a different set of responsibilities and issues. Schools are increasingly on the ‘front line’, dealing with threats to the safety of their staff and students and maintaining their safety obligations.” Her programs for students, parents, teachers and administrators cover understanding e-safety, building and/or reviewing the e-safety strategy and ultimately creating an action plan to establish a sustainable positive digital culture.

What makes Breaking Out of The World Game different?

This program is experiential and focuses on getting at the root causes of bullying. Through activities, stories and inter-active discussion – the students learn how to change the climate of their school and to no longer support bullying wherever it occurs. They learn about The World Game, how painful it is and how to change it around to a Home Team Advantage. Breaking Out of The World Game has long term effects and provides a positive framework for students to make better choices in every part of their lives.

This program is designed for multi-sensory impact. Learning aids, stories, quotes, activities, role playing scenarios as well as a variety of methodologies are utilized to bring the lessons to life in the classroom and to facilitate long-term development. These lessons are universal and applicable to nearly all life situations, both academic and personal.

What is included?

One year unlimited access to:wynbowgset2

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  • The Breaking Out of The World Game Manual (digital version)
  • Train the Trainer – 4 videos that deliver key content pieces to support staff in delivery throughout the school. Implement the program quickly and consistently to transform your school culture.
  • 7 posters – download, print and laminate to reinforce training and serve as visual reminders and inspiration.
  • Pre-program telephone consultation to help you tailor the program to your specific needs, including ideas to incorporate lessons and classroom activities.
  • Follow-up telephone consultation available by appointment.
  • One year unlimited email support.
  • Digital Citizenship – 4 videos aimed at students, parents, teachers and administrators teaching digital citizenship to address cyberbullying. (available 9/2013)
  • Resources for posters, infographics, and more to empower your students in school climate change. (available 9/2013)


 Valued at over $1400 US, now available for the Introductory Price of only $997 US!

as a Bonus to our first 50 schools to take advantage of this new program,

receive the Parenting Video Series 1-5 ($125 value) as our gift.

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Benefits of Our Programs

  • Reduction in disciplinary incidents
  • Decrease in school violence
  • Supports students in resisting negative peer pressure and bullying behavior
  • Students, parents, teachers and staff are equipped to handle the challenges of the digital landscape
  • Safer, more productive school environment
  • Elevated self-control and self-awareness
  • Increased confidence and resilience to challenges, stress and change
  • Better interpersonal and intra-personal relationships
  • Increased positive decision making skills
  • Happier, healthier, more focused students and adults which spills over into all areas of life
  • And so much more

What others have to say about the programs?

In the classroom I see students, who are very hungry for a positive feedback, excel because they now believe in themselves. They are more willing to try something different, speak in front of others, and avoid put-downs by referring to the curriculum. Students can easily recognize a bullying episode and take action to prevent it. I feel this awareness, which was newly acquired through the program, is probably the most beneficial gift each participant receives. The “world game” has been played by generations and it will take generations to resolve it. This program begins by educating this generation of young adults so that they are able to recognize bullying and its impact , allowing them to begin the long journey of overcoming it.~ LTC(RET) Antoinette Correia – Deputy Director of Instruction – Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (read more)


Our school has approximately 2500 students and over 300 faculty and staff. We are now in the second year of the Breaking Out of The World Game program and our trainer team has been most impressed by the relevance of the material. The lessons do not just handle the verbal and behavioral symptoms of bullying. Instead the lessons address the underlying causes, attacking it at the root. Furthermore, we have many students who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. These students often experience behavioral challenges as they are not fully equipped with the appropriate social and emotional skills to relate with their peers and teachers in a positive way. Using the latest educational methodologies, Breaking Out of The World Game helps students change behavior in a positive way. Students are now more considerate, more supportive and more empathetic to the feelings and needs of their peers and teachers. As a result our environment is physically, emotionally and socially safer for the students. We started the program in February. In the final 4 months of school we trained only the senior class. I think the statistics speak for themselves:

  • That year we had 146 referrals.
  • The following year, we trained the 9th and 11th grade classes. That year there were 93 referrals, reflecting a 37% decrease in referrals.
  • During the first quarter of this year, we have had 11 referrals, down 77% from the previous 2 years.

Another benefit of the program is that it supports the entire educational community, which includes faculty and staff, in making positive behavioral change. Catherine Payne – Principal

I am most impressed with the fact that your program focuses on making the school environment less conducive to those who do the bullying, rather than just focusing on how to deal with those who bully. Your program focuses on empowering all students and adults to be a part of creating a positive and safe school environment. Without exception, the response from our students and faculty has been positive. Your curriculum and instructional program is interactive and relevant to the concerns of students. Trinidad Hunt’s presentations have been extremely well received. Teachers have been commenting on how the program will help us with our overall school discipline program, as well as addressing our concerns about campus safety. ~ Don Merwin, Principal

To use an alternative form of payment, such as a purchase order or check,
please contact our offices at (808) 239-4431 ext 1 or 3

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