D. Trinidad Hunt - International author, consultant, trainer and educator has decades of experience in the area of curriculum writing and program development.   As co-founder of Élan Enterprises, Trinidad has developed and delivered organizational training programs for business leaders, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and schools across the globe.  The effect has been education for the entire community.

[blockquote]“Planet Earth is a classroom, and it is life lessons that are my curriculum. I offer clients a meaningful blueprint for life in the 21st century by touching that special place in each person that inspires them to reach for their dreams. When we use our unique energies in a significant way we shift our paradigm of personal and professional effectiveness. Then we are able to hear that wake-up call and listen to the keys for transformation,” said Hunt.[/blockquote]

Known as a woman of vision, versatility and insight by her clients, Hunt is a captivating personality with a compelling message. As one of the few 5th generation Hawaiians with English lineage, Hunt has over 30 years experience and is an expert both  in education  and corporate program development. Her early career as an educator prepared her well to create training programs that helped transform corporate America to enhance competencies and skill sets related to personal empowerment.

In 1990 Trinidad, and business partner Lynne Truair, established Élan Enterprises that includes Élan Learning Institute, Élan Asia Pacific, and the Academy Élan with leadership training programs in Hawaii and internationally. These offices provide organizational training to companies world-wide.

Her client roster is impressive, including: US Armed Services, American and Canadian banks, noted Universities, media, the health industry, as well as companies like Pepsi Cola, Frito Lay, Sprint, and other Fortune 500 corporations. Whether they benefit from Trinidad’s IQ-EQ-SQ Model for Leadership in the 21st Century, or change management, Hunt has trained thousands of people. She also hosted her own radio talk show on America’s East Coast called, Drawing Outside the Lines - Becoming a 21st Century Change-Maker. Hunt’s Leadership Dimensions Program has been presented in both corporate and education sectors, and is an integral part of her Women in Leadership Course that provides a powerful structure for creating and supporting change.

Recognized in the publication, Who’s Who of American Women in Business, Hunt’s expertise in business and leadership has received global attention. She was invited to the People’s Republic of China and India to speak on Total Quality Management (TQM) for emerging businesses. The Pan-Pacific Southeast Asia Women’s Association annual conference held in the Cook Islands witnessed Hunt change hearts and minds of professionals from 23 countries.

“When Michelangelo was asked, ‘How did you ever create David?’ he answered, ‘I didn’t create David. I saw David and then took away everything that wasn’t him.’ So it is with us. We don’t have to search to discover our true purpose. We just have to see it and take away everything that stands between where we are and what we’ve seen,” says Hunt with a smile on her face.

[blockquote]Hunt continues, “What I try to develop in others is how to become more effective in whatever we do, to maximize more of our natural potential so we can express ourselves more fully. As we achieve this we experience enhanced joy and vitality while increasing personal and professional success. This results in richer, more rewarding relationships that reflect greater balance in the family, profession, even in physical health and mental stamina.”[/blockquote]

Disturbed by what they recognized as vacuums in education, Hunt and Truair, established World Youth Network International in 1998. This non-profit offers character education to students in grades K-12. Included is an anti-bullying program called, Breaking Out Of The World Game, an intervention and prevention program. Its impact has been effective, demonstrating a reduction in violence. This creative and valuable curriculum includes Emotional and Social literacy that often benefits entire communities. It has already been instituted in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and in Australia at over 380 schools. Hunt also wrote the curriculum for the Hawaii Student Transition Convention, a model program assisting more than 30,000 young people in transitioning from elementary to junior high school.

Trinidad has hosted many seminars and retreats, including Life Without Limits and The Power of Purpose. Incorporating neuroscience, cognition and new learning technologies, participants dissolve limiting beliefs that interfere with achieving high levels of success and full self-expression. Hunt explains, “Everyone has gifts and talents, and each of us is here to use our talents for the betterment of mankind. We are able to reconnect with our natural source of wisdom and inner knowing to fulfill our goals and aspirations.”

As a contributing author in four of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Hunt is a prolific writer. She co-authored four books: The Roadmap to Success, with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard; Bootstrap Business, with Tom Hopkins and Jack Canfield; GPS - Goals & Proven Strategies, with Stephen Covey, Dr. John Gray and Les Brown and Words of Wisdom - Experts Share Strategies for Mastering Life and Business Relationships with Dr. John Gray and Brian Tracy.

Authored books include:  Learning to Learn: Maximizing Your Performance Potential, voted Book of the Year by the North American Book Dealers Exchange; The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth an Adventure for the Soul, a Hyperion/Disney Book of the Month Club selection translated into 5 languages; Remember to Remember , a poetry gift book; and Wisdom’s Way - the Art of a True Leader released November, 2012.

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