The Habit Master’s Journey is the Hero’s Journey

Let’s take a more in depth look at the Habit Master and the journey that he or she is truly bound upon. Although it may seem to commence with a goal or a desire, the Habit Master ultimately discovers a longing for something more. There is an inner perturbation – a welling up or surge of unrest. I call this stage in the journey, the stage of Divine Discontent.

It is here that the pathway leads to a fork in the road. One side leads to early achievements while the other leads to a lifelong adventure of high calling. And what is this high calling?

It is the calling of purpose. It is a longing or desire to use one’s gifts and talents in some way. It is a driving energetic force as if an electrical current has lit the fire of the soul.  Together purpose,  passion, gifts, and talents galvanize the Habit Master’s energies leading him or her to take the high road.Circle1bba copy

Joseph Campbell once said, ” The big question is whether you are going to be able to say YES to your adventure.”

Purpose evokes our character. In taking the high road, the Habit Master discovers that the journey itself calls forth who we are and who we become.

This is the turning point and the commencement of the ‘grand adventure’ marking the onset of the journey inward. It is like the peeling away of the onion to discover the source within – the seed of the soul.

  1. Habit Masters™ seek to live in the here and now. They live in the present and understand the power of presence!
  2. Habit Masters™ intend to learn their lessons now rather than when they come round again. Even if now happens to be the third or forth time round, to the best of their ability the Habit Master™ handles the lesson at the time they catch it.
  3. Habit Masters™ know that the investment of today is the wealth of tomorrow.

Join the Habit Master™ team and let us hear of your adventures of personal transformation!

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