A Holiday Blessing to You and Yours!

Dear friends and all of you who have become my extended family throughout the world, during this season I often reflect on my life. And my reflection has inspired me as I rejoice and give thanks for all of you who have contributed so much to my life.

My 104 year old uncle left the planet 3 days ago. He lived a full rich life. He is and will always be an inspiration to every member of my family. My dear uncle was still making his own lunch and fully ambulatory and clear until the day he left.

Because I am visiting with my  mother right now, his passing has left me more reflective than ever. Mom is 95 years of age healthy and happy in her home in Palm Springs. Yet as time moves on, every moment with her becomes more precious. Although I visit mom 2 or 3 times a year, this visit is highlighted in the remembrance of how quickly life moves and how important it is to never overlook the great gift of love that we are given. So I am spending some very rich and special time with her this year.

I am closing for the year and I send my love and blessings to you and your family and loved ones at this time. May your time with family and friends be rich and full!

I will be back online ready to share in 2014. Again and forever I thank you for being in my life and giving such incredible color, shape and joy to my world and my world view.




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