The Universe is a Reflection of Me!

Picture this:

It’s Sunday morning. I spent the entire week writing.

  • I wrote over 35 pages of anti-bullying curriculum for the 2nd and 3rd grades.
  • I wrote 32 pages of anti-bullying curriculum for the 4th and 5th grades.
  • I also finished a 2 page children’s teaching story.

I came to my computer this morning in a mood. I wanted just one day off. I didn’t want to spend another hour pounding out words on the computer. I didn’t even want to put a single word to paper.  I was over the top done with writing for the week! It was one of those ‘stop the world I want to get off’ days. I wanted a break from everything but most of all I wanted a break from writing! “After all,” I thought, “It’s Sunday. Most people take a day off on Sunday.”

I turned on my computer and opened my browser. My start up page popped up instantly with the classy new iPad Air – gorgeous, sleek, another shiny new toy from Apple. And I love Apple. I love my Mac, my iPad mini, my iPhone, even my old iPod. I glazed over for a moment staring at Apple’s flashy new addition to the iPad family.

Then I hit the WordPress URL on my bookmarks bar… no response. I clicked on it again. Again there was no response. I had 3 blogs that I’d started. And I wanted to get into one of them to complete it.

Retro Mind BackgroundOver the next two hours I clicked on it 17 times.  And I finally got the message! Of course I knew that the universe is a reflection of me. But the reflection has usually happened over time.

Today’s message was crystal clear! The universe is a mirror of me in every single moment. It is a reflection of my every thought! And sometimes the reflection reveals itself at lightening speed - instantaneous and exacting!

I didn’t want to write today, but I did want to share this! It’s another reminder to manage my mind and handle my emotional energy! When I finally do get into my back office, I’ll hang this post… I hope you enjoy it and can relate!


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