Another Habit Master Secret: Reclaim Your Brain!

Consider this for a moment. You are the host or hostess in your home. At times you may have guests in for a visit. And after a certain time, they leave.

So it is with our brain. We are the host or hostess to our thoughts. Or are we?

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that thoughts often enter my mind without being invited. And sometimes they linger, uninvited visitors that stay because I haven’t intentionally asked them to leave.

Brain StormEvery thought has a chemical as well as an energetic signature. I’ve noticed that if I host a negative thought a mood comes with it. And if I allow it to stay, it can easily consume my entire attention, becoming the prevalent thought or mood for an hour or a day.

Over time, as I became more adept at inner self-reflection, I began to notice the obvious. Thoughts and feelings ebb and flow. They wander in and out and I don’t have to be the effect of them. They are after all, guests and not the owners of the house.

So how do you take back your ‘home’? What are the habit masters’ secrets to reclaiming their territory?

  1. Put your mind to good use. It is, after all, your mind. Invite the guest to leave. It doesn’t get to live there. You do!
  2. Use displacement – I tend to be highly visual so I displace the emotion by filling my mind with a picture of of a loved one until it becomes so strong that it commands my full attention. In any case, use all of your senses to fill your mind and heart with positive thoughts and feelings of someone you care deeply about.
  3. Use the power of appreciation. The Heartmath Institute teaches that appreciation is one of the most powerful positive life transforming emotions there is.
    • Focus your attention on your heart and think of something that you are grateful for in your life. Fill your heart with the feeling of happiness that appreciation brings.
    • Imagine a channel from your heart to your brain.
    • Then fill this channel with the feeling of appreciation, sending it from your heart to your brain and you will quickly reclaim your mind.

Remember to remember who you are. You are the host in your own head. So if you’re feeling stuck, fearful, resistant or experiencing any of the lower thoughts or emotions, ask the intruder to leave. Reclaim your brain for more consistent levels of joy and satisfaction in your life.


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