Wanting To Learn A New Skill? Call On The Experts!

I know that we know that we are all remarkable infinite human beings. But have you ever forgotten that or even fallen into the “I’m not a good enough _________ (fill in the blank)” mind trap?

  • Writer
  • Financial planner
  • Decision maker
  • Photographer
  • Leader

Any of the “not good enough” concepts come from feeling as if we’re all alone. But we aren’t alone, nor have we ever  been alone. There is the power of the universal mind that surrounds us and the wisdom of the ages available to each of us if we only know how to tap it. This easy 5 step process works for everything from skill development, to our roles and goals as well as the qualities we want to develop or enhance in ourselves! So how do we reconnect with our own inner wisdom? The answer is pretty simple – call on the experts. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Fotosearch_k3067734-2AFirst select a role, a skill or a quality you would like to develop. Make it clear and make it singular. Don’t try to lump two or three things together in one session.  (I.e. the role of parent, or leader, the skill of photography or writing, or the quality of optimism or self-motivation.
  2. When you are ready, do a 1 minute deep breathing relaxation exercise. You might try one of my 1 Minute Meds to get into the alpha relaxation state.
  3. Invite the inner expert on the item you’ve chosen to join you and take the lead on the session.   If there are items needed for the session such as a camera or computer all are instantly available as the expert takes you on a journey to his or her ‘best place’ for learning.
  4. Feel the entire body of knowledge merging within your consciousness as the expert opens all their learning and releases into you. The expert may communicate in images, feelings, words or a combination of these as the wisdom of all ages regarding your item is revealed to you. Breathe their wisdom into every pore of your being. Feel yourself absorbing as if by osmosis at hyper speed.

This exercise should take no more than 4-6 minutes. The learning is transmitted to the subconscious mind and becomes instantly available to you. It is like stepping into a new outfit of clothing. Feel how well it fits and how becoming you are in it. You may want to try the skill or visualize using the quality immediately after the session. Notice how rapidly you are improving. After one or two closed eye sessions such as this, begin practicing contact and osmosis while you are walking to the copier at work or in your home office. Amp up the feelings of mastery as if you were brightening the images and feelings on a TV.    

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