The Well Known, But Often Overlooked, Secret of Success

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I have been on tour for 4 weeks now and I just arrived back in Honolulu on the 2nd and I fly home to Kona on the 6th.

It has been the most wonderful exhilarating trip. I have met and spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people. And everywhere I go people have shared their stories, their goals and their dreams with me. All are wanting to improve - to increase their contribution, move their leadership teams forward, find ways to utilize technology better.

Everywhere I go, the human beings I have the opportunity to be with have shared a desire to improve themselves and those with whom they live and work with.

So what is the one secret of the individuals who have stood out, the ones who have contributed to and created incredibly powerful positive changes in our world?

I have discovered it in the life stories of Lao Tzu, Rumi, Gandhi and so many more. And it is the secret behind all great men and women who have made a lasting contribution to life on earth.

First BE then DO 

You are the ultimate creative artist, and the canvas you paint upon is the canvas of your life. All else follows. As we peel away the layers of opinions, judgments, and outmoded beliefs, we come to discover the fullness of who we are. We are remarkable, resplendent human beings with the power to transform our world by transforming ourselves and in the process discovering our own true nature.

So I invite you to take on the great work, the work of the artist who releases from the clay, a stunning form from the formless grey... and it is no other than the you that you were always meant to be.




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