Aphorism for the Week – From Wisdom’s Way

I’m on my third week of a speaking tour in Australia & I am thrilled to be in my wonderful second home of Melbourne again. As a result, I’m flat out, meeting and working with hundreds of wonderful people.
Everywhere I go we’re talking about the power of the mind, transforming our thinking and releasing old habits. I just wanted to share one of the seventy-two aphorisms from my book, Wisdom’s Way, with you that has guided my life and work.
Have a great week and enjoy your profession, your family and your life … Remembering always to play full out, leaving the results to the universe. In this way you will always improve and you will always be a winner!

The Mind

The true leader knows

That where our attention goes

Our energy flows.

They know that a preoccupation

With the scoreboard

Or the score,

Often causes a fumble

In the play.

True leaders

Train their minds

To forget the results

And focus on the move.

Taking full advantage

Of the practice

And the play,

True leaders

Polish their performance

And improve their skill

A little every day.

©D. Trinidad Hunt 2012

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