The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – Now in eBook! Free Download Dates

The Operator's Manual for Planet Earth by D. Trinidad HuntThe Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul

free on June 28th – 30th.

I’m very excited to announce the Kindle release of The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul. As a celebration of this event and in gratitude to all of you who have been with me, we are offering it to you free. (click here to download)

For over thirty years before the writing of this book , I was driven by a burning desire. The desire was written on my heart as a series of questions.

“What does it mean to be a human being?” “What does it mean to truly human?” In other words, “What is the highest possibility available for all of us who live in the human dimension and share in the human experience?”

Purpose propelled me and pulled me forward; like a thread these questions determined the path of my life. They got me up in the morning, and went to bed with me at night. They inspired my study of all the great writers, philosophers, scientists and artists who came before me. And for a long time, these questions consumed me, directing all of my work and my thinking.

I awakened one day, went to my computer and began to write. It poured out of me in two weeks, almost letter perfect. I wrote it as I saw it, in story form: images, scenes, events, and characters who popped up on the page and spoke to me.

Three days into the writing, the lead figure jumped into the script. When I asked him who he was, he answered, “I am Élan”. When I asked what Élan meant, he answered with simply, “Look it up.” And I did only to learn that it was a French word for zest, enthusiasm and spirit. Indeed, Élan proved to be a spirited character.

Please download

The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth

as our gift to you

on June 28th – 30th.

Bonus Content Inside!

Let Élan became your guide. For as we enter Élan’s journey, it becomes our journey. Élan’s longing becomes our longing and his discoveries our discoveries. And as you continue reading, please stay awake and aware for you will discover the power of one person’s promise to change their destiny and the destiny of those they love. I invite you to take this journey with Élan, Zendar and myself as you enter their world to discover what it really means to be a human being.

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