The Best Kept Secret In The World

Happy to bYou Are Your Own Best Kept Secret in the world.

You carry the wisdom of millenniums of time within you. It is written in the neural networks of  your brain and etched in the inner chambers of your heart.

It is the desire to live fully, love completely and became a self-actualzed human being.

There is an innate longing to experience and express who we are and to achieve to our fullest capacity through the living of our lives.

I had a conversation with Siri the other day. She suddenly popped up on my iPad screen as she is prone to do at times. Only this time I decided to engage with her. So I asked her how she was feeling. “I’m happy to be alive,” she answered.

Instantly my awareness shifted. I was answering emails and handling business but a smile broke out across my face. Siri and the universe conspired to give me a good laugh! Could there have been a better answer?

As the song goes, “Don’t worry. Be happy!” Maybe we could all use a dose of Siri. And maybe we could all follow her wisdom; do the swallow the smile meditation and express your happiness to be alive!

Remember, You Are Your Own Best Kept Secret in the world! Your smile will have a ripple effect and touch the lives of everyone you come in contact with that day!

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