Lei of Stars – The Gift of Gratitude Keeps On Giving

The other day I was in my home office. (Which happens to be a big walk in closet. This is because I visualized the exact home that I am living in today, but I forgot to ask for an office. Oh the power and precision of visualization!)

Anyway, I happened to look up as the wind blew my closet door shut. There, swaying to and fro, on the back of the door was the lei the young people gave me as a going away expression of their gratitude.

star leiIt was a lei of stars and each star bore a message – a sharing about what each had gained from the Breaking Out of the World Game Program. (If you read my blog a few months ago, Put Downs Are Like Nails In A Fence, it was the anti-bullying program that we did with these students.)

I had read the messages months earlier when I first received the lei. But I fell into a few moments of deep reflection as I viewed the stars swaying back and forth on the windblown closet door.

I stopped what I was doing and took the lei from the door. I carried it into the living room, sat in my favorite chair, and began to read, once again, the messages from the young people I had worked with.

In life, we decide who we want to be. Then we begin to act in accordance with that decision. Yet there is often little or no feedback from those whom you have loved and served.

Sometimes we need that, or at least I do … and there it was, written on stars, the gifts our students had received. The messages and the wisdom they shared touched my heart.

Here are just a few (5 out of 25 to be exact). I share these with you as they were written and unedited:

  • Thank you Auntie Trin, You taught me about the world game and the power of our sub conscious. I will use the wisdom you2013-06-06 15.09.52 gave me to my children and their children after. Peter Agcunas
  • Dear Auntie Trin, Thank you for teaching me that put downs should never hold me back from achieving a goal. Ralph
  • Auntie Trin, I have learned to control myself how to achieve goals and how to stop bullying around us from you. Thank you, Jana
  • Dear Auntie Trin, Thank you for teaching us valuable lessons about life. I’ve always learned how to plan my goals but never learned how to deal when things didn’t go as planned. Thank you for all your insight about life. Sincerely Chanel
  • To Aunty Trin, Thank you for turning me into a young adult and helping me realize I can achieve things, even when things go wrong. Love Diane

As I read these I realized just how incredible the next generations is. I could feel their wisdom of the ages in their words. And I could sense how much their lives would contribute to the communities in which they will eventually come to live as adults.

The other gift I received from the lei of stars was a reminder of the importance of saying ‘thank you’. Those two words are an expression of gratitude that serve as a bond between ourselves and others. They also serve as an inspiration for us to keep doing the things that add value to people’s lives. It is a form of paying it forward.

So I called my mother after completing this to thank her for being my mother in this life, for all she gave to raise me and point me in the right direction, and for all she continues to do today to support me. It felt good to say thank you and I know it meant a lot to mom… after all, the lei meant so much to me!

Please share your thoughts on your life and how you are paying it forward. What are you grateful for in your life and to whom… Share your gratitude with them today …  and I would love to hear about your experience of it!

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