The 1 Minute Smile That Lasts All Day

Do you sometimes experience an unsubstantiated general feeling of angst? Do you ever wish that you could  do an instant attitude shift? Did you know that today many of us often live in a state of constant low grade stress arousal?  Given the speed with which life is moving these days, it’s no surprise.

Or it may not be low grade anxiety you’re feeling. It might be very specific. Maybe you wake up in the morning with low energy or a fleeting feeling of sadness.

Or maybe you’re worried about something. In any of these cases, you know you’re out of flow. You have an important meeting to attend and you need to make an instant shift in your mindset for that meeting. But what do you do about it?

iStock_000007068613XSmallSo here is a quick shift process. The original and comes from Thich Nhat Hanh and I discovered it in Marvin Oka’s and Grant Soosalu book, mBraining. 

I’ve been doing my short style adaptation of it ever since I learned it and I love it! It makes for a magical and instantaneous shift by setting off the endorphins and give me the energy and joy to embrace the day.

It is a Carpe Diem experience!!

So here it is:

  1. Start with a 1 minute round of deep long, slow breaths.
  2. With every inhalation imagine the breath going down to your heart and pouring down through your stomach into your hips and legs.
  3. With every slow deep exhalation, feel and internally say the words, ‘letting go’.
  4. When you feel quite relaxed, SMILE. Make that smile as big as possible.
  5. Then swallow the smile with your in breath and let it pour all the way through your heart, stomach, hips, and down through your legs.  Breathe it into every cell and pore of your body and fill your being with it.
  6. Do this round of swallowing your smile through your whole body and being for about 7 rounds.
  7. By then you should feel like your are the smile. The endorphins will be flowing and you will be back in flow!

Then go about your day and as you do, you can instantly bring the smile back by mentally repeating a round or two while you’re in the midst of your daily activity…. Enjoy!



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