Teachers and Principals: Loving the 180 Power Pak

The launch of the 180 Power Pak all started when we asked ourselves a few question:180 power pak solutions for educators and administrators

  • How can we help teachers and principals be more successful at achieving their outcomes?
  • How can we support the emotional and social literacy (EQ and SQ) needed to stop bullying on our school campuses?
  • How can we support educators and schools in developing or enhancing a community of caring on their campus?
  • How can we make all of this affordable and really easy to access for everyone on the campus?

And the 180 Power Pak was born! It is easy to access for everyone at an unbeatable price point, with parent videos, lots of  activities, e-seminars for admin and teachers and ongoing support during the course of the year.

Teachers are loving it! Here’s what they have to say:

“Having activities, stories and quotations at my fingertips is totally great!”

“The curriculum with the social emotional components is just what I needed.”

“I used to spend time looking for activities and stories to support social learning and now I can instantly access these and they are grade relevant. Good stuff!”

And a principal recently said:

“Thanks for the e-seminars – especially the one on building a collaborative school community. I used it to engage my entire faculty in creating our plan for the coming year.”

For more information, videos and a free report on balanced education, visit our 180 Power Pak page at

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